Honorary PresidentMaurice R Greenberg

The chairman of the Board of directors of the American History Finance Consortium is known as "the godfather of world finance and insurance" and one of the two American entities (the other is Henry Kissinger). In March 2005, Mr. Greenberg resigned as CHIEF executive of American International Group (AIG), which had grown in value from $300 million to $200 billion in nearly 40 years under his leadership, to focus on the History Financial Consortium.

Current and former duties include: Asian association chairman, former President of the us-china business council and now a member of the honor, vice chairman of the council on foreign relations, the New York federal reserve bank chairman, vice chairman and director, director of the New York stock exchange, the American economic affairs roundtable members, as well as members of the committee, President of trade policy and negotiation the Philippines commerce committee chairman, vice chairman of the asean business council, the United States South Korea business, chairman of the committee. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, the International Advisory Board of China Development Bank, and the International Advisory Board of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Mr Greenberg his China in 1975, and after that in various forms and the main body of a large number of domestic investment, have very harmonious relationship with the Chinese government, so-called "china-us economic bridge", in October 2013 and was awarded the honorary citizen in wuhan city, as China's Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, chongqing and wuhan five honorary citizen of the city, at the invitation of Shanghai mayor zhu rongji's then 1990, served as the mayor of Shanghai international entrepreneur advisory committee's first President, has held in Shanghai, Beijing, guangdong, chongqing, and long economic adviser, a total of five provinces and cities in hubei province He is the first foreign chairman of the China Development Forum.