Honorary PresidentXiao-yu zhao

Mr Xiao-yu zhao, born in 1955, dalian in liaoning, Beijing university graduated from western language &literature, restore the legitimate seat of the world bank in China after the first batch of government workers to participate in the world bank's China business, witnessed the first university in the world bank loan in China development project, and the first major infrastructure projects negotiation and signing, louboutin leather hydropower station in November 1982, at the world bank headquarters, executive director of the office in China, in 1992, xiao-yu zhao as China's sovereign rating working group led by people.

In 1996, he went to the World Bank headquarters in Washington for the second time and served as the World Bank's Deputy Executive Director for China. In 1999, he became the Executive Director of the Asian Development Bank for China (appointed by the State Council). In 2003, he returned to the Ministry of Finance as Director General of the International Department. In 2005, he served as the Deputy Governor of the Export-Import Bank of China. In 2009, President of the Asian development bank, a deputy governor in charge of the six countries in South Asia and central Asian countries and the adb private sector business, as a director and a deputy governor of the adb private sector investment decision committee chairman, handle and approval of loans and grants every year in the billions of dollars, to effectively support the national economic development of developing countries. In 2013, he was appointed Vice President of the China Development Bank.