Honorary PresidentFlorence Lee Fang

Florence Fang was born on April 4th, 1935 in Zhengzhou and grew up in Xi’an during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. She went to Taiwan in 1948 and moved to the US in 1960 after she graduated from university. Ms. Fang is a renowned Chinese entrepreneur and social activist as well as an outstanding representative of Chinese American who is highly influential in business, political and academic world of the US and a patriotic leader in promoting Sino-US relations, China’s unification and improving Chinese’ social status in the US. Media of the US praised her as “Steel Magnolia”(a heroine amongst Women). She is a well-known media tycoon in English-language newspaper industry. Once the owner of the mainstream English language daily newspaper San Francisco Examiner, she now owns multiple English language media, such as AsianWeek, Independent. Apart from newspapers, she has the ownership of companies in real estate, publishing industry and trade. Moreover, she is a philanthropist with donations mainly in education and culture, such as in UC Berkeley, Beijing University and Wuhan University. In 2013, at the initiative of President HU Jintao and President Obama, Ms. Fang donated seed funds together with the Ford Foundation to launch the 100 Thousand Strong Foundation to send 100,000 American students to China and was spoken positively by both China and the US. On March 22, 2014, Ms. Florence Fang accompanied the first lady Michelle Obama in her trip to Beijing University. In Mrs. Obama’s speech there, she encouraged the exchange between young people in China and the US. Ms. Fang’s contribution has been recorded in the archives of the US Congress, and the community garden of San Francisco is named “Florence Fang Park” after her, making her the first Asian American given such a distinguished honor. In 2014, mayor of San Francisco and Auckland announced that April 4th is Florence Fang Day of their city respectively. Currently, she is the chairwoman of Florence Fang Foundation, the director of the 100 Thousand Strong Foundation, the honorary president of Beijing University and Wuhan University, the consultant of Chinese Overseas Exchange Association and the honorary citizen of Wuhan. On August 15th 2015, the first overseas Memorial Hall of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression prepared by her was opened in San Francisco. On September 25th 2015, on the joint press conference of President XI Jinpin of the PRC and President of the United States Barack Obama, the Million Strong Initiative she proposed to increase the number of American student learning Chinese to 1 million was officially launched in the White House Rose Garden.