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Chamber of Commerce can be an important promoter of the county economy: YRIC did research in Hubei Xiaochang County and Gong'an County

How does the Chamber of Commerce serve the development of county economy? How to combine the international business resources with local economies? How to achieve the needs of members and the needs of government to reach a win-win situation? With such problems, from May 10, 2017 to May 11 2017, YRIC, the global business leader platform - originated in Hubei did depth surveies to Gongan County and Xiaochang County of Hubei Province.


Figure: the executive president of YRIC Liumeng (left) and the party secretary of XiaoChang county Wu Qiong (right)

The party secretary of Xiaochang county Wu Qiong,executive deputy magistrate, Luo Jianfeng, United Front Minister Wu Binzhou, deputy magistrate Li Zhiping, Liu Runchang and the county CPPCC Chairman Rao Jinlan with the Chamber of Commerce researchers conducted a fruitful exchange of discussion, during which they also visited the Xiaochang County, the United States Lingbao, Hubei Cool me dairy and Hubei new students and other enterprises.



Figure: the forum scene

In the exchange of talks, two counties both agreed that the county economy needs the YRIC more than metropolicies, which has a wealth of market resources, financial capital background, industrial integration advantages, investment experience and advocacy ability to support the platform. They need Chamber of Commerce for their resources and wisdom to boost the county economy to achieve faster development and cornering overtaking, two county party secretaries hope that YRIC can lead more business members to local Investments.

Forum: group photo of YRIC delegation and Xiaochang County leaders

The Executive President of YRIC Liu Meng said at the forum, the Chamber of Commerce has been established three years, and in the realization of the global layout of the nine chambers of commerce, the next step of YRIC will aim to interact domestic members and local economy more frequently. From the "out of nothing" to "virtual reality", will be a more "innovative form" to carry out activities for all parties and  continue to "create value", do more pragmatic work, and ultimately "to achieve win-win situation." Liu also said in Xiaochang County that although the economic situation in these two counties are poor, the ideological level is not.


Figure: Aerial view of Xiaogang County scenic spot

Xiaogang County is one of the counties under the jurisdiction of Xiaogan City in Hubei Province. The county is located in the north of the Yangtze River, north of the Dabie Mountains and the northern part of the Jianghan Plain. It is located at the intersection of the Dabie Mountains and Jianghan Plain. Xiaochang County is approved by the State Council to establish a new round of national poverty alleviation and development of key counties in June 1993, but also the provincial government to establish the second round of the expansion of the county. Xiaochang is rich in resources, there are 85 kinds of rare animals and plants, the initial proven mineral 18 kinds, there are Phoenix Camellia, Prince Edward meters as the representative of many native products, as well as Shuangfeng Hill, Guanyin Lake and other tourism resources.

Figure: Aerial view of Gongan County scenic spot

Gongan county is located in the central and southern Hubei Province, according to the Yangtze River, Wang Dongting, east of Wuhan, west of the Three Gorges Yichang, north Jingzhou, traffic is very convenient, with a total area of 2257 square kilometers. Public security culture is far from deep, is the birthplace of a number of historical celebrities. Industrial development potential, focus on creating development zones and Qingji, ditch, lotus pond, Nanping Industrial Park, "a four park" industrial development pattern, the initial formation of the auto parts, bio-pharmaceutical, strategic new industries, "6 +1" Industrial system. Agricultural base is thick, known as "Jiangnan Yumizhixiang" reputation, is the country's important grain and cotton oil, livestock and poultry, aquatic products production base and Jiangnan "grape first county", "three rural" work for four consecutive years into the province's top 20.