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Enriquez, Mayor of Durango, Mexico discuss the possibilities of a potential cooperation with Liumeng, the executive president of YRIC

May 3, 2017, Executive president of YRIC Liu Meng and Mayor of Mexico Durango City, Mr. Enriquez met at the Hilton Hotel in Beijing, the two sides disscussed the business Cooperation and other aspects of cooperation with China and Mexico. The  Women's Federation Chairman of Durang City, Mayor's wife Dra Beatriz, Mexican State Power Company Vice President Dr Ulises, Dulang Ge City Economic Development Bureau Sr Fernando Rosas, Mexico YRIC Preparatory Leader Mr. Bao Ronglin attended this meeting.


Figure: Executive president of YRIC Liu Meng and Mayor of Durango, Mexico, Enriquez, President of Mexican Mayor Association

Durango, the capital of Durango, located in the north-central part of Mexico with a population of 239,000 (1980), is one of Mexico's most economically active areas, the Mexican business and mining center. Surrounded by iron, silver, lead, copper, cinnabar and other minerals, north of the large iron mine Merca mountain about 3 km. Cerro del Mercado in the north of the city is rich in almost pure iron ore and is one of the largest iron deposits in the world. There are metallurgical, textile, glass, tannery, tobacco, food and other industries. Cool climate, beautiful scenery. The city has a cathedral (built in 1695) and other buildings, near the hot springs, for the health resort.

Figure: Durango City, Mexico City