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Executive President of YRIC David Chiu: Never give up the journalist industry and will increase the investment in

April 21, 2017, cable broadband new investors Yongsheng Asia proposed injection plan, the executive president of the YRIC, Yongsheng Asia Chairman David Qiu told reporters at the press conference that he has faith in the television industry, the enthusiasm of the investment TV will never drop.


Figure: David Chiu, Executive president of YRIC

He also pointed out that there are a lot of chips added to the four shareholders, even if the proceeds of the proceeds of 700 million yuan is not enough, there is sufficient financial support for development. As for the cable-free free TV license, the commitment to invest a total of 3.5 billion in the next six years, David Qiu refers to the annual production costs of 8 to 900 million yuan, five years later has about 40 billion, not taking into account the new plant and purchase mechanical costs, I believe this is not harsh conditions.


In addition, David Qiu said that the cable has not yet received a detailed financial report, I personally want to increase investment in financial media to increase advertising revenue, but I did not decide to reduce which aspects of the news, and staffing will also try to internal deployment as the first also known as "in the number of confidence on the cable," refers to the cable business, it is not too pessimistic, cable broadband can still make money.

Figure: The executive president of YRIC Liumeng and Director of Investment Promotion, Invest Hong Kong, Haimei Zhang

He hopes that cable broadband employees can give the opportunity to live in Asia, because the most important asset to media industry is talent. He believes that this is not a bad investment.

He stressed that even after the entry, the cable news department has absolute autonomy, other departments also have creative space for development. The current cable has a basic 120 units, an increase of 170 Taiwan is not difficult, but also said there are 2,000 employees wired, I believe there are talent.