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YRIC takes part in launch the World Angel Investor Conference


Figure: World Angel Investors Conference Launch Ceremony

On April 21, 2017, Liu Meng, Honorary President of the World Angel Investor Conference, Executive President of YRIC and the President of Yangtze International Holding Group attended the press conference of 2017 World Angel Investor Conference. This press conference was organized by China Angel Investor Institute.


Figure: Liu meng, Executive President of YRIC speaks at the conference

Liu meng, Honorary Chairman of the World Angel Investor Conference put forward a Five One vision, that is to cultivate one group of outstanding angel investors from the Chinese Angel Investor Institute, to gather one group of like-minded investment partners and entrepreneurs, to issue one voice from China’s venture market and to create a joint venture capital investment platform across the world, and by then a cutting force can be formed to promote China’s economy. At last, Mr. Liu also sent a Five One blessings to all media friends: to have a good body, a good career, a good family, a good life and a good mood.


Figure: Press conference site

At the Press Conference, the founder of the China Angel Investment Institute, Chairman of the Board and the Directors of the World Angel Investors, announced today that the World Angel Investor Conference will be held in Beijing from July 7 to 10, and the them will be unite angel investors around the world and create the future. This conference aims to promote the development of the global angel investment industry and initiate the establishment of the annual world angel day. The Press Conference was held by Zhang Xun, the Co-Founder of China Angel Investors Institute, General Secretary of the World Angel Investors.


Figure: The strategic cooperation signing ceremony of China Angel Investment Institute and CCTV brand influence

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