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Yangtze River International Chamber of Commerce (YRIC) is an association of chambers that share the same name established by co-founders across the world, with the goal of building the world’s largest platform for business leaders. On May 20th, 2014, YRIC Hubei, the association’s first chamber of commerce was set up in Wuhan. Later, YRIC established a strategy of global development, and deploy along the Yangtze River. 20 YRICs will be launched in the main cities around the world, and another 11 YRICs will be launched in 9 provinces and 2 cities along the Yangtze River Economic Zone in China. YRIC will become the first global group of chambers of commerce in China.

Once the chambers of commerce are accomplished, business leaders from different regions of the world will use one same name, devote to one same association and share this same platform. YRIC relies on the global political, commercial and academic resources, it adheres to the core concept of win-win, and holds the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creation. Yangtze River International Chamber of Commerce aims at converging finance-centered international commercial resources, implementing national strategy of building the Yangtze River Economic Zone, building the platform for cross-industry, cross-domain and cross-border economic exchanges, cooperation and development, and promoting the global commercial development and prosperity. 

Yangtze River International Chamber of Commerce (YRIC) was named Special Award for 2015 Innovative China by China Business Times of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce. YRIC takes the Chamber of Commerce Group model to lead the globalization of Chinese Chamber of Commerce, which is widely approved and responded among Chambers of Commerce at home and abroad. It has become an example of innovation for the transformation and upgrading of national Chamber of Commerce.


A global platform for business leaders


Win-win principle 


Solving the information asymmetry and trust asymmetry


Promote the two-way internationalization of the Yangtze River Economic Belt


The interaction between capital and resource, and synchronization between domestic and international platform


A global business group


Develop globally and deploy along the Yangtze River


The strongest local international chamber of commerce and the strongest international local chamber of commerce


Globalization of Members, Capitalization of Service, Resourcezation of Needs, and Diversification of Satisfaction 


Yangtze River International Plus


Yangtze River International Forum, Yangtze River International Club, Yangtze River International School


Red Wine Salon, Leadership Luncheon and High-level Conversation

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