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   San Yan San Shi Seminar held by YRIC member Qing Neng Real Estate 2015-12-16
   The Member of YRIC Wu Zhong Group Carried out 2015 Special Educational Training About Confidential Knowledge 2015-12-15
   YRIC Member Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank's Off-Site Disaster Preparation Center Starts to Operate 2015-12-10
   Unit Member of YRIC Vice President Orsun Group Hold Care for Children with Autism Charity Sale 2015-12-8
   Member Unit of YRIC Council Geostar Was Awarded the National 2015-12-3
   Committee of YRIC, Huang Xiaobin: Like Running A Marathon to Run A Business 2015-11-30
   TV Star Hai Qing showed up for YRIC member unit Ikang Group 2015-11-23
   Begin to Understand 2015-11-20
   Hundreds of Senior Citizens Toured around the China (Wuhan) International Garden EXPO upon the Invitation of YRIC Member Unit Hubei Bank 2015-11-19
   YRIC Executive President Mr. Chen Dongsheng: An Era For the Young is Just Around the Corner 2015-11-10
   Units Member of Vice President of YRIC, Infiniti held an autism-themed exhibition 2015-11-6
   Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Corporation (WZ) Innovation Initiative Passed the Standard Acceptance 2015-11-4
   Member unit of Yangtze River International Chamber of Commerce, the branch of Wuhan of China Merchants Bank carried out the “2015 Financial Knowledge Dissemination Activities” 2015-11-3
   YRIC Member Corporate Hankou Bank ranks 48 among the Wuhan Top 100 2015-10-30

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