News Highlight
   Chen Yuan, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee attended the Belt and Road seminar, co-organized by YRIC 2017-5-17
   Chamber of Commerce can be an important promoter of the county economy: YRIC did research in Hubei Xiaochang County and Gong'an County 2017-5-12
   Enriquez, Mayor of Durango, Mexico discuss the possibilities of a potential cooperation with Liumeng, the executive president of YRIC 2017-5-9
   Executive President of YRIC David Chiu: Never give up the journalist industry and will increase the investment in 2017-4-28
   YRIC takes part in launch the World Angel Investor Conference 2017-4-24
   Yangtze River International Chamber of Commerce attends the meeting held by Chinese Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce 2017-4-19
   Florence Fang, Pioneer Honoray Preisident of YRIC: US-China strong, WeChat Cooperate to Support US-China Ties, Build a New Platform for Sino-Us Non-governmental Exchanges 2017-4-14
   Wu Jiangang, Deputy Chairman of YRIC, Chairman of ORSUN Group: Establish tolerance mechanisms to support private enterprises be stronger 2017-4-13
   Mr. Li Xiuwu, the Party secretary, Vice-Mayor of Daye, Hubei Province met the delegation of YRIC 2017-4-12
   Honorary president of YRIC Li Ka-shing: Optimistic about the Canadian market 2017-4-5
   Honorary president of YRIC Florence Fang has been widely praised as a generous donor of Flying Tigers’ flight 2017-3-30
   Vice-Premier Liu Meets US Guests in Beijing 2017-3-29
   Mr. Xi linjun, Chairman of All China Federation of Returned overseas Chinese, met the Pioneer Honorary President of YRIC Florence Fang 2017-3-28
   Last Flying Tiger was donated by the Pioneer Honorary President Florence Fang to Chinese museum on permanent display 2017-3-26
   YRIC Joined the Activities Held by Hamburg City in Shanghai 2017-3-24

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