Media Coverage
   Vice-Premier Liu Meets US Guests in Beijing 2017-3-30
   People 's Daily: Honorary President of YRIC Florence Fang donated a World War II transport aircraft 2017-3-29
   "Yangtze Daily": Riverside District hired 17 "investment ambassador" 2017-3-22
   Ministry of Commerce "China International Finance" magazine: "three" strategy to create a global Chamber of Commerce to lead the global development of Chinese enterprises 2017-3-17
   State Department News Office "China Report" magazine: the United States overseas Chinese collar feelings 2017-2-14
   "Special attention" in English: YRIC link the world and the Yangtze River Economic Zone 2017-1-6
   The Chamber of Commerce Club Was Set Up and Excellent Enterprises at Home and Abroad Gathered 2016-12-14
   Jinchu Network: Wuhan Add A New International Name Card International Chambers of Commerce Club Was Set Up 2016-12-14
   Xinhua News: Wuhan International Chambers of Commerce Club Was Established 2016-12-14
   People Network: Wuhan International Chambers of Commerce Club Was Established and Six Business Projects Were Signed in Wuhan 2016-12-13
   China Enterprise News Observation Network: the Second Summit Forum for National Business Association Innovation and Development Was successfully Held in Guangzhou 2016-12-5
   People Network: YRIC Introduced more than 30 Enterprises in Hubei with Over 6 Billion Cooperative Fund 2016-11-24
   Today Hubei: YRIC Honorary President Ms. Florence Fang Donated 2016-11-24
   Today Hubei: Why Global Political And Business Leaders Support YRIC? 2016-11-22
   Plaything Wisely Magazine: Mr. Liu Meng: the River Flows Into the Sea 2016-10-25

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